The start of the new school year is fast approaching.  Some school districts know what their instructional plan is going to be; others are still trying to put it together.  No matter where your school district is in this process, there is more than enough angst for parents and their children related to Covid-19 as it relates […]

“You don’t have to be the tallest tree in the forest.”  Those words came as a message for me from Dr. Lewis Mehl Madrona, M.D., psychiatrist, and Native American healer in ceremony the last day of a week-long healing workshop some time ago.  How did I know the message was for me?  I knew because as he said […]

From time to time during the Covid-19 stay-at home orders, I have had a number of dreams of two types.  One is where I have lost my purse that has all of my money, insurance cards, credit cards, and most importantly, my driver’s license, my identification, in it.  I search all over, retracing my steps but am […]

Not long ago, I was asked what I have learned through my teaching and healing work.  After reflecting, this was my answer: I’ve learned the importance of Heart-Centered Presence.  When I am truly present with someone, whether it be a child in the classroom, a student’s parents, a client on my table, or anyone I connect […]

There are times when life sends us more to deal with than we expect, want, or feel we can deal with.  I’ve heard it said that we never get more than what we can handle at any one time.  Sometimes I wonder about that….  How about you? When life comes crashing in on you from all directions, how […]

‘Tis the season of gift giving, boxes wrapped in colorful papers with bright bows, and cards or tags attached with the receiver’s name artfully penned.  They are lovely to look at and fun to open.  But there are other kinds of gifts, simple gifts, that don’t come in gaily wrapped boxes that can be given […]

“We’re all one family under one sky. We’re a family under one sky. No matter what differences we have….” Those are words from a song that my grandson’s, diverse kindergarten class performed recently.  How true those words are.  We are all human beings, one family, with differences, living under one sky on our precious Mother Earth, […]

Life isn’t always a ‘bowl full of cherries’.  Things don’t go the way you’d like them to go, or you find yourself in a messy situation and wish you hadn’t acted or said what you said.  You might even realize this as it’s happening, but it’s too late.  What was said was said.  What was […]