A Time for Becoming Anew

From time to time during the Covid-19 stay-at home orders, I have had a number of dreams of two types.  One is where I have lost my purse that has all of my money, insurance cards, credit cards, and most importantly, my driver’s license, my identification, in it.  I search all over, retracing my steps but am unable to find it and am very distressed.  I wake up feeling uneasy.

The other recurring type of dream is that I have traveled to a conference, parked my car, participated in the conference sessions, and go to my car to head home.  The problem is I can’t find my car.  I search and search but can’t find it and can’t get home.  I try walking but am confused about which way to go.  I never get home and wake up very unsettled.  

So, what does all this mean?  What is the message? I imagine that one who specializes in dream interpretations would have an answer for me in a snap.  I have puzzled these dreams for some time, waiting for a meaningful interpretation to come to me.  No ‘Ah Ha ‘moment of understanding has come forth until recently.   While walking my labyrinth and asking to receive whatever it is that I need to know at this time, the meaning for me became clear.

What came to me is that who I have been before the current restrictions is not who I am going to be after we get on the other side of the current pandemic.  My identity was lost in my dreams.  I was lost and couldn’t get home in my dreams.  My dreams were telling me that I can’t go back to what was, who I was?  I am going to be a different me, no longer the me I have been in the world I’ve known before.  I am going to have a new identity.  I am on the way to rebirthing myself, a new version of me is coming forth.  I don’t know exactly what that will look like, but it doesn’t matter.  I’ll let the new me unfold as time and life allows.   And to that end, I have adopted this mantra from a recent Zoom meditation session with yoga teacher, Melissa Goodwin, in Punta Gorda, Florida.  “I open myself to all good the universe has for me…,” which includes who and how I’ll be in my world.

So, I open my arms and my heart to what is coming and am excited to discover who I am becoming.  This word, ‘becoming,’ reminds me of when I was in graduate school and going to class one long weekend each month for two years at the same time teaching full time.  My teenage daughter would ask me at the end of the weekend, “How’s the becoming coming, Mom?”   “It’s coming,” I would answer.  And so it is now that I’m moving into my next becoming.  

Might you be on the way to becoming a new you too?  If so, allow the new you to bud, blossom, and flourish.  The time is now.  Let the new you shine in the new world emerging!

Peaceful blessings,


4 Responses to “A Time for Becoming Anew”

  • Jan says:

    Thanks Sandy, This addresses so much; our fear or mind’s interpretation from our known anxieties, relaxing into available tools to release the mind ( labyrinth), and perceiving the responses so we might let go!
    I’ve thought about the word be-come before, if we are in the ‘time is now” we are simply be-ing and this allows more gracefully for what is to come to come, – without the restrictions and attachments of the mind. May we keep emerging! I so appreciate your sharing. Thanks again. Jan, Peace

    • Sandy says:

      Hi, Jan, somehow i missed replying to you. It is always great to receive your thoughts regarding my posts. I love you thought of beint “in the now” allowing what to come to come. Sounds like be-coming to me. In appreciation, Sandy

  • Michelle Folan says:

    Sandy, this is so fitting for me to read right now. I find myself letting go of old stories, old excuses, and even old expectations of myself…. it’s not always comfortable, but it is necessary for me to move forward and enjoy the person I am capable of becoming. Thanks for helping me to “rebirth” by sharing your story.

    • Sandy says:

      Thanks, Michelle, for sharing your thoughts with me You ar right about things sometimes being uncomfortable whenwe really looik at them, but important if we wish to really bocome who e are her to be. Happy rebirthing to you…. Love, Sandy

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