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‘Tis the season of gift giving, boxes wrapped in colorful papers with bright bows, and cards or tags attached with the receiver’s name artfully penned.  They are lovely to look at and fun to open.  But there are other kinds of gifts, simple gifts, that don’t come in gaily wrapped boxes that can be given this time of year as well if one’s eyes and ears are open to the possiblity or opportunity ….  Here are some examples I’ve noticed:

Recently, while erranding, I witnessed a couple of simple holiday gifts.  First was a flock of pigeons in a parking lot gathered around a car.  The ownerof the car seemed to be getting something out of her trunk.  When I came out of the store, the woman was gone but the birds were still there.   As I drove off, I looked to my right and saw the woman bent over, hand feeding the pigeons.  Gift #1 the giving of caring concern for the wellness of other beings.

At my next stop down the road, a Salvation Army bell ringer was Ho Ho Hoing and Merry Christmasing those who entered.  He was very jolly, a Santa without the red suit.  When I left the store, this bell ringer was singing a Christmas carol loud and clear to which I joined in as I dropped my conribution in the red bucket.  Those entering had broad smiles on their faces.  Gift #2 the giving of good cheer, bringing a bit of joy to others!

Another day, when I was once again erranding, I found myself opening the door for people as I was entering and they were leaving.  Each time, I saw a broad smile spread ‘cross their faces followed by a, “Thank you.”  I found myself smiling too, our lives brightend for just a moment.  Gift#3 the giving of common courtesy.

I, myself, experienced a gift I never anticipated.  While at the local diner having lunch with a friend, the server came over near the end of our meal and asked if either one of us was a teacher.  I said that I was a former third grade teacher in Hollis, NH.  Smiling, the server said, “One of your former third grade students just bought your lunch.”   I was speechless, touched beyond words.  No one had ever bought my lunch before, let alone a former student!  I asked who it was and was told his name.  It was then that I realized he was the young man I noticed at the counter when I entered.  Had I been near him, I would have recognized him as we had encountered each other a couple of times before in years past.  I left him a thank you note with a special memory I had of him when he was in third grade.  I hope he enjoyed receiving it.  Gift #4 the giving of a special surprise.  Gift #5  the giving of gratitude for a kindness given.

Gifts comes in many forms and some of the best are simple gifts from the heart costing little or no money, requiring only kindness, compassion, and a few moments of time ….   During this season of gifting and any time of the year, may you be the giver and the receiver of such simple, heart-centered gifts.





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