About Sandy

Pics of Sandy Bothmer

If one could depict Sandy’s career path in a drawing, it would be a tree.  Its roots are deeply imbedded in education, and it’s limbs grow upward and outward into the field of energy medicine and healing.  Her heart-centered approach to teaching has nourished her energy healing work.

Sandy has 20 years classroom teaching experience with an M.Ed. from Lesley University.  Though the venues have changed, she still teaches whether it be at a workshop related to her book Creating the Peaceable Classroom, a Creative Kids Yoga® class, a Kripalu yoga class, an Integrated Therapy session with a child with Asperger’s Disorder, a Source Energy Healing workshop, or a private energy healing session.

An integrated approach to energy healing has come from training as a Reiki Master with Libby Barnett, Maggie Chambers, and Scott Ross, Energy Diagnosis training with Meredith Young-Sowers, Creative Kids Yoga® teacher training with Rosemary Todd Clough, Cherokee Healing with Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona, medical doctor, psychiatrist, Cherokee and Lakota healer, and Kripalu yoga teacher training with Sudha/Carolyn Lundeen and Devarshi/Steven Hartman.  Her work has also been influenced by the practices of qigong, meditation, and spiritual guidance.