Not long ago, I was asked what I have learned through my teaching and healing work.  After reflecting, this was my answer:

I’ve learned the importance of Heart-Centered Presence. 

When I am truly present with someone, whether it be a child in the classroom, a student’s parents, a client on my table, or anyone I connect with, I am coming from the heart, Heart-Centered Presence.  I am listening and hearing their story.  I am also observing what they show me through their state-of-being, their body language, their actions, or lack of action.  I’m with them, immersed.  We are energetically joined together.

Most important and essential to listening is the hearing part.  We can all listen to someone, but it’s actually the hearing what is said, being present as you listen, taking it all in, that makes the difference.  Being present: observing, listening, and really hearing another is fundamental to the person’s sense of self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-success, self-healing.

When I am connected in this way, a bond of trust is created that allows us to work together in a way that can be beneficial to that person’s success: school success, success in releasing an emotional stressor, success in relaxing muscles, success in a relationship, success in whatever is needed at the time.  I can understand a student better and come up with a strategy that will help him/her learn a concept more easily.  I can know more clearly where to start a healing session with a client.  I can more easily determine how best to help reduce a child’s anxiety.  It may not happen the first time you engage in this way, but over time, the successes can happen; patience and persistence are needed. I am successful too, experiencing the joy of being the mentor, witnessing the journey, and the sucesses realized. 

It’s my feeling that Heart-Centered Presence is effective in any aspect of one’s life.  Being heard, really heard opens the heart and promotes trust between two individuals who are energetically joined together at that time.  Wonderful things can happen, sometimes inmediately other times down the road.  Notice the positive outcomes for you and another when you listen, hear, and observe with intention…. It’s sure to warm your heart and bring a smile to your face.

In peace,



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