Reiki Trainings

Reiki Trainings for Adults and Children

Reiki trainings in the Japanese art of hands on healing are offered to adults and children when one is ready.  Children’s trainings are age appropriate.  Call or e-mail Sandy when you are moved to take this step.

Level I Reiki:
    • At this training, you will be attuned to the Reiki energy, aligning your energy field to that of the Universal field.  This enables you to more easily receive the universal energy at a greater intensity as the sushumna, the major energy channel from the crown of the head to the tailbone area, is opened.  Hands on experience will be provided for you to practice this natural healing art. You will also be shown a method for assessing and scanning a client’s energy field and energy centers.  Upon completion of Level I, you will be able to give Reiki to yourself and others including plants and animals.  Your intuition and a greater sense of love and compassion will begin to grow within you as you connect to your true essence.  You will leave the training as a certified Reiki I practitioner with a Reiki manual
Level II Reiki:
    • In Level II training, you will be attuned to three ancient healing symbols that enable you to bring in greater energy to your healing sessions, work with the emotional body, and send Reiki energy to someone at a distance.  You will be given specific instructions as to how to use these sacred symbols and integrate them into a Reiki session.  Time to practice using them on yourself and others will be alotted.  The opening and closing spirals will also be taught to ensure optimum energy reception and retainment.  Again, the flow of energy will be increased as the sushumna, the main energy channel, opens more.   Waiting 3 months after your Reiki I training is advised so that you fully integrate the increased flow of energy.

Level II Reiki Symbols

  • Empowerment
  • The empowerment symbol increases the intensity of the energy brought in and enhances your Reiki I work.  It can be used at any time on anything such as yourself, your space at home and at work, your car, your computer, etc.
  • Mental/Emotional
  • The mental/emotional symbol works to dissolve emotional and psychological issues as well as limiting beliefs that interfere with your ability to move ahead in your life.  It reprograms your body’s cells by using positive affirmations.  You tap into your higher wisdom when using this technique.
  • Distance Healing
  • The distance symbol enables you to treat someone when they are at a distance whether it be across the room or across the country.  Many use it for family members who are out of reach.
  • This technique may also be used on yourself for emotional or physical issues.  It works especially well if you are experiencing discomfort in an area of your body that is difficult to reach.
  • Besides the physical and emotional body, this symbol can be used on difficult situations in your life for the highest good of all involved.
Level III Reiki Master:
    • Some who complete Levels I and II will decide that they wish to continue their own opening, expansion, and healing and choose to be further attuned.  Others wish to do this and learn to pass Reiki attunements on to others as well.  For these people, Reiki Master training is the next step.  This training will proceed in stages depending upon what the trainee desires and at a pace that is comfortable for meeting his/her Reiki intentions.  Those who wish to attune others to the Reiki energy will be given information taking them through the process to instruct each level of Reiki, as it is needed, while they go deeper into their own practice.  As a Reiki Master, your energy flow will increase as the sushumna opens still further and your own healing process accelerates.  You become Reiki living it in your daily life.  If you are interested in taking this step, contact Sandy for details.
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