Source Energy Healing Technique

Source Energy Healing Technique for Self-Care

“It’s all about the heart.”

SEH Hands

Some years ago, Sandy received in meditation, “It’s all about the heart.”  She has come to know that one’s healing is “all about the heart” and the power of Source Energy to transform. In this workshop, Sandy takes you on a transformational journey of self-care and healing by bringing in Source Energy, often referred to as Universal Energy, to do its healing work.  You will learn to connect to your heart center and use Source Energy to open and clear negative emotions tied to stories that live there.  Next, you’ll use Source Energy to expand your heart center.  Filling your body with Source Energy and also focusing it on an area in your body in need of healing will also be practiced.  Finally, radiating Source Energy from the heart to others will be explored.  This dynamic practice is available to all.

Consider gathering a group of friends for this wellness workshop.

Contact Sandy for particulars. –  603-400-0899