Peaceable Living Workshops

Peaceable Living Workshops

Teens –  Sandy assists teens in learning self-empowering strategies to quiet their body/mind/emotions.  It is important for them to know that they have the power to take care of themselves, their emotions, without adult assistance.  These strategies can go with them for the rest of their lives and will be a calming asset as they meet the challenges of the worlds of work, adulthood, and parenthood.

This workshop has been offered through school counseling departments and may be offered through other venues as well.

Adults –  We adults are constantly experiencing stressors in both our personal and professional lives.  This workshop helps adults learn strategies that will assist them in meeting these challenges from a more peaceful place, promoting healthier relationships and interactions in all aspect of their lives.

Consider gathering a group of teens or adults together for this beneficial workshop. Contact Sandy for further information.  Together, we’ll work out the details.

Circle into Calm Workshop

In this workshop, participants will explore the power of the circle through mandalas, spirals, and labyrinths to bring them to a place of inner peace and calm.

If you are interested in this workshop, contact Sandy for specifics, fees, and scheduling.