Creating the Peaceable Classroom Book


The new Creating the Peaceable Classroom is here!

Though the framework of the new edition is the same, three parts addressing the classroom space, the teacher and the student, this edition has been expanded. It’s richer and fuller than the first. It includes more detailed exercises and activities in many chapters along with new charts and diagrams. Also new are Hints, and Special Education sections addressed directly to those teachers and students. The Parent Connection sections offer parents possibilities for using these same techniques at home. Creating the Peaceable Classroom is intended to assist the community of teachers, paraprofessionals, counselors, psychologists, school nurses, administrators, students, and parents in creating calm and vitality within themselves and their environment for better teaching, learning, and living. It’s a wellness guide for the 21st century.

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Happy To Be Me : Mudra Songs For Kids

NOW AVAILABLE! This one-of-a-kind collection of songs is ready to help your children or students change their state-of-being when needed with easy and effective mudras, hand gestures, that come from the practice of yoga. The hand placements are taught through songs that have been set to music that expresses the benefit derived from each mudra. The adults working with the kids can model the mudra along with the song, offering a visual cue. Holding time will vary depending upon age: a few breaths or seconds for younger kids and up to five minutes for adults. If the kids you are working with feel uncomfortable or light headed when holding the mudra, have them stop, sit quietly, and breathe deeply. Adults working with them should note the following contraindications: Uplifting Mudra #1, Courage Mudra #2 – HBP monitor it’s effects, Turtle Mudra #6 – LBP use carefully, all others no contraindication.



PHYSICAL Add the CD version to your collection. In the album booklet, you’ll find.

• The title and words to each song
• Kids’ mudra name and the Sanskrit name
• The benefits of each mudra
• Contraindications for the adults working with the kids
• Affirmations that kids can say during or after holding a mudra
• Photo of each mudra.

Mudras can become a handy, self-regulation tool for your children or students and for you too because your hands are always with you!

Single CD Price- $13

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3CD’s Price- $31

Domestic Shipping included

CD/Book Combo-$46.90

Domestic Shipping included

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Do you have a question(s) about yourself, another, a situation you are in that you would like to have answered?  Receive a HS to HS Reading and discover the answer.  I’ll need your or another’s contact information i.e. full name, address, and question(s) to make it happen.  Then, I’ll check in first to see if it is all right to proceed.  If I get a yes, I’ll go forward.  If not, I won’t. Contact me at with your questions, further details, and scheduling.

HS to HS Reading – reading (one to three questions), transcript, 20-30 minute phone debriefing   $110

*Before purchasing, check with me first to see if I may proceed.

Remote Healing Session

Receive a Remote Healing Session when we are unable to be together for a one-on-one session.  With your permission, I connect to you energetically, imagine you in miniature, and place the mini you in my lap just as if you were on my table.  Then, I work energetically on your mini body, just as I do one-on-one, to return your body to homeostasis, balance on all levels.  You are in a comfortable position i.e. reclined on a couch, a bed, the floor on a mat, receiving.  We are able to dialogue as in a normal session, working together to assist you in your healing process. 

Remote Sessions are Offered Via



FEE – sliding scale   You choose the fee that is right for you. (We can determine a doable fee for you if these don’t work.) Contact me at to set-up your session time. Session fees reflect a $10 Covid-19 discount through August 31st.




A recent remote client has said, “Sandy is a warm and caring, intuitive healer.  She has such a gift of connecting in a genuine way that makes you feel a sense of ease ….  even though we were miles apart, I felt like she was right in the room with me.”

Zoom, Yoga Nidra

Join me for a Zoom, Yoga Nidra Journey right from your home and enjoy deep relaxation in preparation of a good night’s sleep. In Yoga Nidra, you’ll experience yogic sleep as you maintain awareness through hearing and feeling. Your body sleeps but your mind remains alert as rejuvenation and self-healing happen.

Tuesday Evenings 7:30 -8:30 pm Eastern time as scheduled. For information

A donation of your choice via PayPal is appreciated to support my effort in providing Yoga Nidra and the Zoom platform. Your receipt is your registration. Personal checks are accepted but be sure to register first at to receive themailing address. Thanks in advance. If you are having financial challenges at this time, please join for free by registering at A Link will be sent to you on the day of the Yoga Nidra session.

If you are having financial challenges at this time, please join for free by registering at A link will be sent to you on the day of the Yoga Nidra session.