It’s that time of year again.  Teachers are preparing their classrooms for their new students, parents are taking their children shopping for school supplies and back to school clothing (last years jeans have become high waters), and administrators are preparing pre-school meetings for staff and the arrival of their students.  There is excitement, anticipation, and […]

My book Creating the Peaceable Classroom has just been released!  I am now on the other side of patience receiving the gifts that patience brings.  In this case, it is joy, excitement, and mostly gratitude. Joy –  I am so happy that my book is now out in the world.  All the hours of thought […]

Lesson on Timing

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I’m here in Florida at this writing and have had numerous occasions to watch a majestic white egret hunting along the shore of the small lake outside our lanai windows.  Egrets and their relatives, the great blue heron, are ever so patient as they stand watching the water for a sign of life below the […]


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Patience.  Patience is definitely a life lesson for me.  Right now I am having to be patient with waiting for the new version of my book Creating the Peaceable Classroom to be released.  I’m having to be patient with myself as I try to improve my balance in balancing yoga postures.  I am headed for […]

Hello and Welcome to my Peaceable Pathways Blog! I can’t believe I’ve actually taken the steps to start this page on my website (I am so non-computer savvy.), but I have succumbed to the way of our technological world after the encouragement of a couple “computer wizards” and am now a fledgling blogger. Those words feel quite foreign […]