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Patience.  Patience is definitely a life lesson for me.  Right now I am having to be patient with waiting for the new version of my book Creating the Peaceable Classroom to be released.  I’m having to be patient with myself as I try to improve my balance in balancing yoga postures.  I am headed for yoga teacher training in early April and know this is a weakness that I would like to strengthen before this intensive experience.   I’m having to be patient as I work and rework a children’s book I have had in process for a year.  I wanted it out last September 2010.  It wasn’t ready and still isn’t ready but getting closer.  And so I find myself being patient with myself and the process.

I used to want to have the ability, the finished product, the understanding right now and would be upset or frustrated when it didn’t happen.  How long did that desire for immediacy, lack of patience continue?  I’m not sure.  Somewhere, long after my twenties, I came to know that things do not necessarily happen in “our time.”  They happen as we are ready to have them happen or the process has reached the point of completion which may well have been out of our control.

Sometimes, we need space, time for reflection or for pieces to come together in the best way for optimum results.  Patience gives us waiting room for the needed factors or parts to show up, to materialize.  There is often a very good reason for results, for completion, to take longer than we would like.  Clarity comes after being patient for the outcome or product to arrive.

Often, there is a learning, a gift that happens around being patient.  Pay attention to this the next time you have waited for something of importance to you to happen, to be birthed, to be understood.  What good has come from waiting patiently?  Take note. Appreciate it.  Let it influence you in other times of waiting to just accept what is in the now and know that in due time it will be realized.

Are you patient?  If not, perhaps you can begin to nurture that quality in yourself knowing that things happen when the time is right, gifting you in some unknown way.

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  • Thank you Sandy for sharing your reflections on Patience…it makes me think of my own journey…still ongoing…life is always giving us opportunities to learn more and I know for me today it is often first recognizing and naming the feeling then thinking of my choices in the situation that is testing me…I want it done now, I wnat it to stop now….but mainly for me today it is leaning to seek guidance from within, asking for the divine wisdom in whatever the situation may be that is triggering that feeling of impatience….breathing, letting go and breathing some more…sitting in stillness and listening for the quiet voice inside. Congratulations on your blog and your book being published! Namaste

    • Sandy says:

      Yes, Christine, being able to tune into one’s inner place of quiet and wisdom is a wonderful way to deal with impatience when it shows up. May you continue to listen and hear what needs doing or non-doing as the case may be.


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