The Other Side of Patience

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My book Creating the Peaceable Classroom has just been released!  I am now on the other side of patience receiving the gifts that patience brings.  In this case, it is joy, excitement, and mostly gratitude.

Joy –  I am so happy that my book is now out in the world.  All the hours of thought and effort have materialized into a finished product, something tangible to share with others. Every cell in my body is smiling!

Excitement – I am excited that I can now share it with others and help them in some small way to improve their state-of-being, their lives.  I know this to be part of my mission.

Gratitude – I am grateful that my book was given another opportunity to have an impact on people’s lives.  Not often does a second version come from a different publishing house.  I am grateful to my editor, illustrator, marketing director, copy editor, and to those involved with the printing process itself. And I am grateful for patience and timing.

As I enjoy the gifts of my patience, I hope that you will gift yourself with my book.  It is a 21st-century wellness guide for teachers, students and parents. But I will add, that it is really for everyone.  You can adapt or modify anything from its pages to suit your situation or needs.
The first part of Creating the Peaceable Classroom deals with creating a nurturing and supportive classroom environment.  But isn’t a nurturing and supportive environment needed in all our environments?  The second part offers techniques to help teachers and parents become more relaxed or energized so that they can be the most effective teachers and parents they can be.  Don’t all adults need to know ways to relax and energize to be more effective in their lives?  Finally, the third part offers techniques to help students become more relaxed or energized so that they can be the best learners and people they can be.  Everyone, no matter how old, needs to know how to relax and energize to optimize his or her life experience.If you choose to gift yourself with my book, Creating the Peaceable Classroom, the gift of my gratitude extends to you too.  Many thanks.  May your life become more peaceable . . . .

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