Storm King Sculpture

As some of you may know, I love to replicate the shape, form, and energy of sculptures.  This large, strong sculpture at Storm King Sculpture Garden along the Hudson River in New York state caught my eye.  I loved its largeness; its heaviness; its strength; its connection to the earth, to the sky, and the world around it.  And so, of course, I just had to be photographed with it to try and capture its qualities through my posture.  But there was more going on for me than just attempting to capture those qualities . . . .

As I moved into Virabhandrasana Dwi (Warrior II),  I was focused on bringing strong energy into my limbs just as the statue exhibits.  Supported by my breath, I felt an achoring to the earth through my feet and a reaching to the sky through the crown of my head, creating a strong bond between the two.  Breathing deeply, I reached through my fingertips, extending my arms out into the world, adding more strength to my pose.  Each breath supported and nourished my stance, nourished me.  I was standing strong, firmly connected, powerful  just like the sculpture.   Coming out of the posture, I felt a sense of inner aliveness, strength, and stability.

Are there times when you feel unbalanced, disconnected?  I know that I have experienced times of disequillibrium in my life and imagine you have too.  This experience of  standing strong, firmly connected above, below, and around me reminded me of the inner strength I have, we all have, to be strong, creators in our lives.  We have the power and ability to move through all that life presents to us with confidence, ease, strength, and stability.  These qualities are within us, and if at some point, they become weak, we can cultivate them, nourish them back to greater life, to greater strength.

How can we increase our inner strength?  One way is to move into Virabhandrasana Dwi (warrior II) posture as I did.  Do the posture near a large tree feeling its strength as you hold it, or perhaps on a large rock on the rocky coast, or in some natural enviroment that exudes positive energy and strength just as the sculpture in the field did for me.  Breathe and move into the posture slowly, mindfully, aligning your body with care.  If you wish, place your hands in Merudanda mudra while in this posture.  Turn the palms up and curl your fingers to your palms. The thumbs point outward.  Then, turn your hands so that  the thumbs point up.  This hand gesture will activate the horizontal energy current at the solar plexus where the upward and downward energy currents meet, bringing balance, increased energy, strength, and stability  to you.  Practice Virabhandrasana Dwi and Merudanda mudra along with me on the video below.

When you feel complete, release the posture, pause, notice, then move on into your life confidentlly from a place of inner strength, vitality, stability, and harmony.

Peace to you,






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