The last sentence of an article I recently read on the Intent Blog written by Debra Moffitt was,”Every action counts.”  For some reason those words have clung to me like a burr that catches hold of your pant leg and travels home with you after a walk through a meadow of tall grasses.  This sentence was the author’s last words in her article discussing what karma is, “the effects of our actions.”  She describes how what we do has an effect on us and on others.  Every actions counts . . . .

This sentence has been on my mind causing me to think about the things that I have done more recently.  Have I taken whatever action purposefully, with caring intent?  Have my actions been positive or negative in effecting me and those involved in my interactions?  Have I acted in a conscious way?  Well, I’d like to think that I have, at least for the most part done so.  The thought that I may not have acted from a place of heart-centeredness makes me feel sad.   I know that I am human and as a human being I may not always act in a way that is positive toward myself or others, and so I feel disappointment in myself.  Perhaps this has happened to you as well.

I’ve decided that this disappointment in myself is a good thing.  The fact that I’m not pleased, disappointed in myself and some of my actions, is actually a gift I have given myself.  I guess that seems like a strange gift, but I see it as such.  Because of my disappointment in myself, I now have a greater awareness of the cause and effect of my actions and where they came from within me.  Why?  Self-reflection has opened me to this gift.  It is this self-reflected awareness that enables me to move forward in my life in a better way, more consciously, so that my actions have the opportunity to be more positive in similar situations in the future.

We all have the opportunity to take many actions in our lives.  That’s what living is all about, interacting, making choices, taking action.  Each one of us has this opportunity.  It is the knowing deep inside that each of our actions is important and matters that is the lesson to be learned.  If  we make a poor choice, self-reflection can help us to act better the next time.  If we can know this in the deepest recesses of our beingness, I think we can more easily and more frequently act from a place of love and compassion toward ourselves and others.  We have the power to make every action count in the most beautiful way.

If every action counts, then let’s all create our futures, one moment at a time, in a conscious, loving, compassionate way.  Our positive actions will surely help to create a more positive world.

Peaceful blessings,


P.S.  Certainly, there were many who took positive action just yesterday in Boston.  All of their caring actions count!

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