Changing Your State-of-Being for a More Pleasant Work Experience

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a list to help you tolerate your work situation

I know that I promised this next blog post would have ideas for bringing a bit of play into a work situation that is less than that, but as I began to put my thoughts down, I realized that what I was really doing was offering some ideas on how to change your state-of-being.  What does changing your state-of-being have to do with making a more pleasant work experience?  Well, it helps to relax you, to release your emotions, to soften your heart.  It helps to bring at-easeness to your body/mind/emotions/spirit so that your work situation becomes more tolerable, more pleasant.  Here are a five ideas you can explore with that in mind.  See if they will make a difference for you.

1.  When things aren’t going well, breathe –  Yes, breathe.  Breathe deeply and fully (complete breath).  The breath is a powerful transformer. Inhale, let the belly, ribs, and chest expand outward in all directions as if you are blowing up a balloon.  Exhale from the top down, chest, ribs, belly, deflating the balloon, drawing the navel in toward the spine at the end of the exhalation.  Repeat as many times as needed eventually making the exhalation longer than the inhalation. By calming yourself, you improve your state of mind.  This may not turn your work into play, but it will help to improve your attitude about the situation, making it easier to continue.

2.  Find one thing about your work that you like, that makes you smile.  It could be the location.  It could be a co-worker.  It could be the mission of your work.  When you begin to have negative feelings or if something isn’t going well, transform the negativity into positivity.  Bring that one thing to mind that you like, that makes you smile.  Close your eyes.  Put your hands over your heart and be with that image.  Breathe life into it. Let the image and breath fill your heart.   When you feel complete, open your eyes and notice if you are in a better place to carry on.  If not, repeat the process again.

3.  Is there one person you work with that you like?   Make an effort to connect with that person as your day starts.  A brief, ‘Hello Chat,’ as you begin your work day might boost your spirits.  Later, take your break together or have lunch together to re-bolster your state-of-being.  You can even begin this spirit-boosting process before you arrive at your work place.  Bring the person you like to mind in the morning as you prepare to leave for work.  Visualize your time together at your break or at lunch or recall a pleaseant exchange or experience.  Start your day off on a positive note with a positive image!

4.  Remind yourself why you are in this job.  What is it doing for you, providing you?  Maybe it is to help you provide for your children.  Post a photo of  your children next to the door you exit so that you will see it before you leave in the morning.  Maybe it’s to help you complete your college degree.  Find a picture of someone in a cap and gown, cut it out, mount it on construction paper and tape it to the door you exit to go to work.  If you’re a teacher, think of the children whose lives are impacted by your care and attention.  Post a class photo by the door to remind you of this.  Find an image that you can look at daily that reflects back to you why you are in your current job.  Use that visual image to support you each day as you go to work.  Let it lighten your heart.

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5.  If negative thoughts about some aspect of your work fill your mind and emotions, turn them into more positive thoughts.  For example, “I don’t have time to get this new directive accomplished,” can be changed into “I have plenty of time to accomplish this new directive.”  What we think is what we create.  If we are constantly thinking negative thoughts, that’s exactly the type of situations that will come to us.  In this case, we “won’t”  have time to get the directive accomplished.  As soon as you hear yourself use a negative statement or think a negative thought, turn it into a positive.  The positive thought can even bcome your mantra!  Repeat it as often as you think to and see what happens.

Now it is up to you.  See if any of these techniques will help your state-of-being so that you can feel better about your current work situation. And ask that the most perfect job present itself to you in some way.  Pay attention to what the Universe sends your way.  Take action, steps toward manifesting your desired job.  At the same time, hold the vision of a work situaiton that you would consider to be play in your mind’s eye.  See yourself already there, immersed in it.  Be patient, be open to possibilities, and know that a “work is play” job is there for you.

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*I’d love to know if a technique works for you.


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