On the Road Again / Back Home Again

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On the Road Again

My days in Florida have come to an end, and I have been “on the road again” heading home to New Hampshire.  Fortunately, the transition from warm to cold happens gradually as we drive the 1500 miles back to NH.  It’s a good thing, as the changes are dramatic:  Florida with 80˚temperatures, sunny skies, and light winds – New Hampshire with 40˚ temperatures, gray skies, and falling snow.  40˚ is a significant difference in temperature as is the change in environment.  So, taking five days including a two day visit with friends in North Carolina and two days with my daughter and husband in Rhode Island helped make the adjustment a bit easier.

Florida in the winter is a great place to be, and for me has the added benefit of giving me quality time with my parents.  But, it is always good to come home again even if warm weather hasn’t found it’s way to New Hampshire yet.  Home is home:  comfortable, familiar, cozy.  It’s the pond, the woods, the labyrinth, the Canada geese who just today flew overhead honking their springtime arrival.  It’s friends and clients.  It’s dance class and yoga with Rosemary Todd Clough.  It’s my Creative Kids Yoga® classes.  It’s upcoming promotional events for my book Creating the Peaceable Classroom.  It’s jumping back into my life again.

I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to get away from life in its usual sense, but grateful too, for coming home to life as usual.  Both restore my body, mind, and soul, each in their own way.  In these days of so much unrest and tragedy in the world, I am even more grateful to have a home to come back to again.

May we all give gratitude for being able to come home again and send heartfelt prayers and love to those throughout the world who are not so fortunate at this time.

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Sandy home again NH

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