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On February 10th and 11th, I found myself in the thick of my work, presenting my two sessions at the 3rd Annual YogaHub Conference, Yoga, Meditation & the Philosophers Stone.  There was a lot of work and effort that went into preparing for those two days that culminated in the live recording sessions.  But for me, it was all play!  I love creating, putting things together and sharing what I do or happen to know.  That’s what I do, share what I do, share what I know, and it’s fun.

Now, to my way of thinking, everyone should have a job, work, that is play just as it is for me.  That being said, I recognize that this is not the case for many.   More than likely, a high percentage of people are working at jobs that they would not consider play.  This is unfortunate for sure, but it may be that they are in that particular  job, because for right now, it provides a much needed income.  It may be that a job that could be classified as “play” is in the wings waiting for the right time to present itself.  While waiting, my feeling is that it is important to be clear about what kind of work would be play and hold that image in your mind’s eye, perhaps make a collage that depicts what the desired job looks like.  See it.  Dream it into being.  Don’t lose sight of  the work that would be “play” for you.  While you are engaged in work that is less than playful, consider that something in the  current job will serve you in some way as you move through your life.   The job that is play will benefit from the earlier experience(s).

See yourself at work/play, and in your own way, ask the Universe, God, Creator that the work you desire come to you at the best possible time in the best possible way.  Know that it is yours to have.  It’s there just not yet present.  This is a practice that I continue to work with and have found that my ability to manifest work that brings me joy, that fulfills me, and is “play” is coming to me more quickly than in the past.

Participating as a presenter at the YogaHub conference has been an interesting, play experience .  The preparation was fun and so was presenting live over the phone and Internet. I never imagined I would be doing such a thing!  But I have for two years now.  It’s different not seeing my audience, but I imagine them with me as I guide them through the techniques or experiences I shared.  What fun it was!  Who knows what kind of “play” I will enjoy next or where?

Moving from Within session

Do you find your work to be “play?”  I hope so, but if not, know and trust that work that you will consider to be play is coming . . . .

Wishing you work that is play,


*Watch for the next blog.  I’ll share some thoughts on how you might find or bring a bit of play to your current work if it is lacking.




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