Just Being . . . .

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Sitting in sunroom sipping tea.

Just being, that is just what I am doing right now.  (That is, before I started writing this post.)  Just being . . . . .  Why?   Because I have come down with a nasty cold, and quite honestly, that is all that I can manage to do today.  Just be.

I would rather be getting things done.  There is the laundry, the mail I haven’t gone through for several days because of  a busy schedule and being away, the handouts that need collating for a conference I am  presenting at the end of the week, and the list goes on. . . .  Even the idea of taking a walk or doing some yoga doesn’t light me up.  I just don’t feel good.  That’s the bottom line.

Has this happened to you?  I imagine so.  How do you move into this forced “just beingness?”   Do you fight it?  Do you push through it ignoring the call, the sensations that are telling you to “just be?”  Or do you listen to your body’s call and give yourself a needed rest?  For many of us, this is dificult, but sometimes, we just must pay attnention and follow our body’s lead even though there are so many things undone or things we wish to do.  It is in our best interest to do so.

I have decided to treat my forced “just being” today as a gift.  It is a gift of time to myself, an opportunity to rest,  to go within, to be still, to listen to my body and find out what it can tell me about why I have such a nasty cold.  And it’s a time to notice the woods and pond that surround my home.  And it’s a time to drink hot chamomile tea and relax.

So, I’m accepting my forced “just being” as an opportunity to rest, relax, be still, go within, notice, and heal.  Obviously, I have needed such gifts.  Rather than being upset about this nasty cold as I was yesterday,  I accept with gratitude the gifts it has given me today.  I’m being content with my situation.  (HMMMM seems I am experiencing Santosha, the second Niyama of Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga, and that’s a good thing.)

And now for a cup of hot, chamomile tea!





2 Responses to “Just Being . . . .”

  • betsy simmons says:

    Sandy, So nice to read this today, after being at the hospital trying to understand what’s going on with intermittent symptoms of nausea and weight loss. I feel worried and sick, have I worried myself sick, am I over-reacting, hard to know and hard to wait for answers. Your messge to just be and remembering your healing spirit helps me this moment. Thankyou, Blessings to you and me and all who feel sick. Betsy

    • Sandy says:

      Hello, Betsy,

      I am glad to know that this piece was helpful to you today as you wait for answers to your current health problems to come in. Waiting, just being, is not easy for most of us to do, but it gives you an opportunity to reflect upon the situation and go within to seek some internal answers. Perhpas you could have a conversation with your body, the digestive system or whatever organ(s) you feel is involved with the intermittent nausea and weight loss. Ask for a message as to why this is happening, listen, and hear what your body has to tell you. (What is the first thing that you hear?) Then sit with that answer. Does it resonate with you? If so, what will you do about it? Just being slows you down and gives you the gift of time to explore, be with what is and perhaps gain some insight. It could be that your question, “. . . have I worried myself sick?” is what your body has to tell you or it could be a different answer. Ask it, and you will find out. . . .

      Many blessings,

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