It’s been much too long since I’ve written a new blog post, but there just didn’t seem to be anything special that I wanted to say.  At this time, the tide has turned, for I now have something that is important to me, important to share with as many as I can.   It’s about peace, peace within and peace in the world. . . . 

I’m sure you would agree that recent happenings in our country and abroad are chaotic, tumultous, and full of fear.  It seems that far too frequently we hear of yet another killing or massacre, of refugees dying on route to freedom from war or oppression, hate crimes toward others who are different in race, creed, gender preference, people living in bombed out buildings with no food or services, and other deplorable situations.  These acts of violence against one another and horrific situations are incomprehensible as we are all human beings, all coming from the same place, a spark of Divinity, no matter what name you call it.  “Peace on earth good will toward man,”  is not always what we see here in the US and in many other countries in the world.  Yet peace is what we need.  Peace within and peace in the world we live in.

What can we as individuals and as a group do to promote the healing necessary to create peace in ourselves and in all peoples around the globe?  I have an answer to that question, one that others across cultures and religions have long espoused, and a practice to achieve it, that came to me in meditation.   As the word’s in Dionne Warwick’s song say, “What the world needs now is love, sweet love . . . ,”  Love is the answer.  We must bring in Divine love and light to expand the love already there.  It is love that creates peace within.  Then we must send that Divine love and peace within ourselves out to others in the global community so that the Divine love in their hearts can increase too, creating peace within them.  Living from that place of expanded love and peace will impact their lives and communities wherever they may be just as it impacts our lives and communities.  The collective energy of love and peace will gradually, spark by spark, perpetuate peace in the world.  Just maybe there’ll be a reduction in violence toward one another.  Just maybe people will not be living in squalor.  Just maybe love and peace will grow.  Each of us can be a part of this transformation.

Here’s the Love and Peace practice:

First, sit with a long spine, feet planted firmly on the floor, and shoulders relaxed downward.  Breathe in Divine love and light through the top of the head (crown chakra) into the heart center (center of the sternum).  This helps to intensify the love, Divine spark, that already lives there.  Next, exhale, spraying the love out from the heart center in all directions beyond your physical body, to all the peoples of the world.  Picture this in your mind’s eye as you are doing it.  From this love comes inner peace.  Visualize inner peace inhabiting all the peoples of the world.  Continue this practice until you feel complete for that sitting.  Repeat daily or as often as you are able to.

Add the following arm movements to the practice if you choose to:

Bring the arms above the head, hands in prayer position.  Inhale Divine love and light as the hands come down to the heart center in the middle of the sternum.

Exhale the arms outward to the sides, sending Divine love and light out to the peoples of the world.  (Imagine it streaming out in all directions.)  Bring the arms back to the starting position above the head, hands in prayer position.  Repeat the process.  Join me as I demonstrate this practice in the video below.

Again, continue until this session feels complete. Pause and picture a peaceful world.  Do daily or as often as possible.

Some may say that they feel that their hearts are not open.  They don’t feel much love inside.  “How can I be a help if there is little love in my heart?” they may ask.  If this is how you feel, know that each time you breathe in Divine love and light, you are increasing the flame of love in your heart center so that peace within you can grow just as it can grow in those you are sending it to.   In the process of helping others, you are helping yourself.

Mahatma Ghandi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”  If you, like me, wish to live in a more peaceful world, join me in this practice of expanding love within our own heart centers, creating peace within, and sending peace out to others in the world.  Mahatma Ghandi’s words are applicable in our lives today just as they were in his time.  Join me.  Let the vibration of love and peace grow within you and within others everywhere . . . .

In love and peace,


Enjoy the song “What the World Needs Now.”




5 Responses to “Expanding and Sending Love: Creating Peace”

  • Rosemary T Clough says:

    Yes, yes, yes…….a great reminder that we must keep coming from our heart in all that we experience in our everyday lives. Not always easy in this crazy world, yet it is the only way we as humans and we as a world will be able to heal. … Thank you Sandy!

  • Sandy says:

    Many thanks, Rosemary, for your strong support for living from our hearts in all aspects of our lives. Indeed, we can each individually and collectively help create a more peaceful world for everyone.

  • Steeve says:

    This is a lovely invitation for us to become part of the solution… Too bad its only an invitation and not an Executive Order. While checking out Dionne Warwick, don’t forget John Lennon and The Beatles’: All You Need is Love:

    • Sandy says:

      So sorry to have been very, very, very late in my reply. Yes, I’m glad that you mentioned John Lennon. I love that song; it certainly speaks to the topic. Perhaps we could each think of being peace as our own personal Executive order…? Yes? Peace to you!

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