Creating the Peaceable Classroom: First Signings

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First signings of my book.

Here I am in Principal Candi Fowler’s office signing my book Creating the Peaceable Classroom for each of the children and teachers at Hollis Upper Elementary School in Hollis, NH who are photographed in it. How nice is that!  I am not sure how many principals would be so generous, purchasing a book for those photographed.  I am most grateful.

Having their own copy of the book will make it easier for the students and their families to explore the calming and rejuvenating ideas and exercises within the book’s pages.  Parents and their children can refer to it as needed.  They can create their own menu of “workable” practices that help them individually and as a family.  The possibility of creating more peaceable lives is at their finger tips.  The staff at Hollis Upper Elementary School has the opportunity to learn and use  the techniques that they find helpful to them as well.  Thanks to Candi, her school can become a more peaceful place where optimum teaching and learning can happen.

You, too, can become more peaceable.  Take a moment to breathe deeply, from deep in your belly all the way up to your clavicle (collar bone).  Feel your belly expand on the inhalation and feel it contract on the exhalation, the navel pulling back toward the spine.  Allow yourself to sigh, ahhhhh, on each exhalation releasing any tension from within.  With each inhalation, bring in new, vital oxygen.  With each exhalation, release the stale air from your body.  Make the inhalations and the exhalations of the same duration.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Breathe in.  Breathe out. . . .  And when you feel complete, sit in silence as you go back to normal breathing noticing how you feel.

May you be more peaceable,


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