Wonderment.  That is exactly what I saw in the face of my little grandson as he sat in a pile of leaves and explored them.  He crinkled them between his hands, picked them up and let them go, studied the stems, and as you might guess, tried to put them in his mouth.  Leaves are new to him, a wonder to look at, touch, smell, hear, and taste.  (No, he didn’t taste them on my watch.)  His wonderment got me thinking about my own sense of wonderment. . . .

Do I, still feel a sense of wonderment at things in the world around me?   The answer is maybe sometimes but not often enough for sure.  Yes, I marvel at the sky painted shades of purple and coral as the sun sets.  I marvel at the irridescent, green neck featheres of the mallard ducks that swim in our pond each spring.  I marvel at the reflections of the trees in the water as I kayak a local stream.  But I don’t stop long enough, most of the time, to enjoy nature’s wonders, or the beauty of the simpicity of old, colonial New England homes, or the glimmer in the eyes of those I hold dear.

Watching my grandson brought the joy of wonderment back to mind.  It doesn’t have to be wonderment at a “first” of something like he is experiencing right now.  It could just be a moment of deep connection and appreciation of something you see:  a fog drenched hillside, a dragon fly flitting across a pond, a squirrel scampering and jumping from branch to branch, a starry night sky. Or it could be wonderment through other senses:  the sweetness of a special desert, the aroma of spaghetti sauce bubbling on the stove, the sound of Canada geese returning in the spring, or the luxurious softenss of a fleecey coverlet.  Even taking a moment to marvel at a the complexity of the human body and  the incredible machine it is can reignite your sense of wonderment..

Stop, take a moment, or two, or three to notice, to submertge yourself in appreciation and awe of whatever it is you see, taste, touch, hear, or smell, wherever you are.   Become the young one again who expereinces wonderment each day, moment after moment after moment. . . .  Live in wonderment!

Enjoy the wonderment of the nature scenes photgraphed on this gratitude site.  www.21-Days-of-Gratitude.com

In wonderment,



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